Military situation in Southern Syria

SAA forces have secured nearly the entire Lajat area (except the town of Busra al-Harir).
SAA forces have secured the strategic town of Busra al-Harir. Lajat area is now under full Government control.
SAA forces captured more villages in the vicinity of Hirak town and secured nearby 52nd Brigade Base.
Domino effect in Daraa Governorate: Several important „rebel“ held towns accepted reconciliation or surrendered to SAA.
Government Forces captured 5 more villages/towns from militants in Daraa. Governorate.
SAA forces secured the town of Saida near Daraa city. Militants in Bosra al-Sham reconciled with the Syrian Government and continue to hand over huge amounts of weapons and ammunition to the SAA.
SAA captured the town of Naimah, located east of Daraa city. Government forces also continue their offensive along the border area to Jordan and will prob. reach Naseeb border crossing soon.
Decisive Government victory in Daraa province: SAA forces secured strategic Nasib Border Crossing.
SAA forces captured the Air Defense Base located NW of Daraa Al Qadim Border post. The last major „rebel“ supply route to Daraa city is now cut off.
SAA forces took control of several border posts near the Jordanian border and secured Tell Shehab and Zayzoun. „Rebel“ held parts of Daraa city are now under siege.
While the militants‘ so called „SouthernFront“ near Daraa city is crumbling, more „rebel“ held towns and villages near Quneitra Governorate joined the reconciliation agreement with the Syrian Government.
SAA forces took full control of Daraa city, AKA „cradle of the revolution“.
Almost entire Daraa and Quneitra Governorates are back under Government control. SAA secured the borders near Israeli occupied Golan heights and liberated 60 % of the ISIS pocket in Yarmouk Basin.
The battle for southwest Syria has ended in a decisive victory for the Government Forces. SAA liberated the last remaining villages under ISIS control.

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