Military Situation in Southern Damascus

Military situation in southern Damascus. Syrian Government Forces and allied Palestinian militias are gathering their forces in staging areas. A large scale offensive against ISIS in Yarmouk Camp and Al-Qadam districts is expected to commence soon.
SAA advances vs. ISIS forces in southern Damascus districts since the beginning of the ground assault on April 20.
SAA forces and allied Palestinian militias have liberated Al-Madaniyah and areas north of Al-Joura district from ISIS.
SAA and allied Palestinian forces scored a huge advance against Islamic State militants in southern Damascus amid a total collapse of ISIS defenses. Government forces liberated Al-Asali + Al-Jorah neighborhoods and Al-Qadam district.
SAA forces and Palestinian allies split the ISIS pocket in southern Damascus and separated Yarmouk Camp from Hajar Al Aswad district.
Soon, all areas in and near Damascus will be under full Government control. SAA eliminated ISIS remnants in Hajar Al Aswad and „rebel“ groups east of the last Islamic State pocket at Yarmouk Camp have surrendered.
Following recent SAA advances, ISIS remnants in southern Damascus are increasingly under pressure at Yarmouk camp.
The evacuation process of the last „rebels“ in/near Damascus has been completed. Babbila, Beit Sahm and Sidi Miqdat are now under full Government control. Pressure on remaining ISIS forces in Yarmouk Camp area will likely increase now.
Battle of Damascus is over. ISIS remnants abandoned all of their positions in exchange for transportation to the Badiya Al-Sham region of eastern Syria. For the first time since 2011 Syria’s capital and its countryside are under full government control.

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