Battle of East Ghouta







SAA forces split the East Ghouta pocket near Damascus.




SAA recaptured Hawsh Nasri (4 km SE of Douma) and is about to isolate Tell Kurdi.
SAA captured Tal Sawwan and repelled an attack on Hawsh Nasri.


SAA captured Rayhan town and are about to separate Tell Kurdi from the remaining East Ghouta pocket.
SAA captured Rayhan town and are about to separate Tell Kurdi from the remaining East Ghouta pocket.
SAA forces secured Tell Kurdi and Tell Sawwan in East Ghouta region near Damascus.
SAA forces secured Tell Kurdi and Tell Sawwan in East Ghouta region near Damascus.


SAA artillery preparation fire is currently targeting insurgent positions in Ain Terma, Beit Sawa and Mesraba. East Ghouta offensive will prob. commence soon.
Today, Syrian Government forces commenced long awaited Operation Damscus Steel in order to clear the East Ghouta pocket near Damascus city. SAA advanced swiftly and secured Hazrama, Salihiyah, Nashabiyah and important Farzat hill.
Last night, SAA / Tiger Forces attacked insurgents‘ positions near Hawsh ad Dawahirah. Following fierce clashes, in which T-90 tanks saw their first action in the East Ghouta, SAA secured the village and reached the outskirts of Al-Shifuniyah.
SAA forces have captured the air defense base located north of Autaya.
SAA forces have captured Al-Nashabiyah, Autaya, the nearby army base and also advanced at Ar Rayhan. Faylaq al Raman redeployed forces to the eastern part of the Ghouta pocket to assist embattled Jaish al Islam militant group.
SAA achieved more advances in the East- Ghouta and almost reached the outskirts of Mesraba and Beit Sawa. Just approx. 3.5 KMs left to split the pocket. Government forces also were able to cut the important road between Al-Shifuniyah and Douma.
Following extensive SAA advances earlier today, army units now have also secured the villages of Beit Nayem and Al-Shifuniyah. Militants in Mesraba are now in talks with Government forces to surrender the town.
SAA forces have captured the fortified town of Ar-Rayhan and began to outflank militants defensive line between Muhammadiyah and Jisreen (see PT). Nearby farms are secured and clashes inside the town are ongoing.
SAA forces have secured Muhammadiyah and are attacking Hawsh al Ash‘ari and Rayhan, which is still contested.
SAA forces have repelled a militant counterattack on Muhammadiyah and captured the town of Beit Sawa. Just 1.5 more KMs to split the East Gouta pocket.
SAA forces have secured Hawsh Qubaybat and Hawsh al Ash‘ari. Just approx. 1 more KM to split East Ghouta pocket.
Following the capture of Hawsh Qubaybat and Hawsh al Ash‘ari earlier today, SAA forces have also secured the Air Defense Base near Aftris.
SAA forces have captured the strategic town of Misraba. East Ghouta pocket is almost split.
Following the capture of Misraba, SAA forces cut the Harasta – Douma road and launched a major assault at the town of Aftris. Battle for Rayhan is still ongoing.
SAA forces have secured the town of Madyra and reached the Harasta vehicle base. East Ghouta pocket is now split into 3 parts.
SAA forces have captured Aftris village and paved the way for further advances towards Jisreen, Saqba and Hamouriyah.
SAA forces have captured 50% of #Jisreen and reached the outskirts of Hamouriyah. Government forces were also able to secure many points near/in Rayhan and advanced into the industrial zone of Douma city.
SAA captured Rayhan and Hamouriyah. More than 3000 civilians were evacuated thanks to the opening of a new humanitarian corridor before Government Forces secured Hamouriyah. 70 percent of the former Ghouta pocket is now under SAA control.
Following yesterday’s capture of heavily fortified Jisreen, SAA forces advanced into the Damascus suburb of KafrBatna today and captured large parts of it. Reports also indicate militants started to withdraw from Saqba.
Stunning SAA advances: Syrian Government forces have secured Saqba and Damascus suburb Kafr Batna.
SAA forces are advancing in the Damascus suburb of Hazeh and secured the heavily fortified Ain Terma valley.
We are witnessing the final days of the East Ghouta pockets. SAA forces have secured Ain Terma in Damascus. Soon, remaining insurgents will be evacuated to Idlib.
Harasta has been secured by SAA forces. Remaining militants deployed in the Damasucs suburbs of Jobar, Zamalka and Erbeen are leaving East Ghouta in accordance with an agreement with the Syrian state and under the supervision of the Russia/n forces.
Syrian Government Forces have secured the entire East- #Ghouta area near the capital #Damascus. This probably marks the most decisive victory in this war, which made the redeployment of sev. 10K troops possible.

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